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Acosta, Laura - Mental Health Case Manager, Community Research Foundation
Ammon, Danny - Teacher, Associate Faculty, Hoopa Valley High school, College of the Redwoods
Carter, Jessica - Court Director, Yurok Tribe
Garcia, Elaine - Tribal Library/Museum Store Clerk, Karuk Tribe
George, Merv - Forest Supervisor, Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest, US Forest Service
Grant-Jackson, Marlette - ITEPP Professional Academic Advisor, Humboldt
Gordon, Louis - Program Director, Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples
Jackson-Reed, Jason - Fisheries Biologist Senior Technician, Mid-Klamath Watershed Council
Lebeau, Mark - Executive Director, California Rural Indian Health Board
McQuillen, Buffy - Tribal Heritage Preservation Officer, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria
Melvin, Rebecca - Service Coordinator, Redwod Coast Regional Center
Orona, Brittani - Tribal Affairs Program Manager, California State Parks
Reed, Charley - Peer Mentor, Two Feathers Native American Family Services
Shaw, David T. - retired
Shaw, Geneva - Humboldt Department of Social Work Faculty, Humboldt
Siaosi, Megan - Tribal Court Administrator, Trinidad Rancheria
Sundberg, Rachel - Tribal Programs Director, Trinidad Rancheria
Tripp-Allen, Paula - ITEPP Professional Academic Advisor, Humboldt
Vasquez, Nichole - Writer/Artist, Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians
Vigil, Brittany - Yurok Language Specialist IV, Yurok Tribe
Wright, Teresa - Native Studies Teacher, Pyramid Lake Jr/Sr High School

Recent Alumni Notes

Gordon L. Bussell, 2006

Gordon L. Bussell, 2006 Native American Studies, is working to revitalize the Hupa language by teaching teachers in the Early Childhood Program. Bussell is also working to create a first-level immersion program targeting 0-6 year-old children on the Hoopa Reservation. As a Curriculum Specialist, Bussell is charged with implementing and designing all curriculum with the help of one assistant. 

Gordon Lester Bussell Indian name is Kigiwh ch, 2006

I work for Owens Valley Career Development Center a tribal consordium. working with revitaization of native languages. I give training on methodogy on both teaching and learning Native Languages. I have been working with up to 8 languages at once under ANA until Sept 2011. presently OVCDC services Paiute (3 dialects), Mono (2 dialects), Wukchumni and Yolumni, Tabatalabal, Kitamuk and Yaqui. I speak a Dene language daily, mostly Hupa and work with Mattole, Wailaki, Bear River, Redwood Creek and Tsenungxwe. I am a Hupa and Mattole Indian and member of the Yurok Tribe. I had 50 or more native teachers of Hupa for a beginning to this knowledge, starting with my Grandfather Clem I. Bussell Sr. and guided by my father Oswald N. Bussell. I used to teach Hupa on the Hoopa Reservation but now work with tribes here (Fresno, Tulare, Kings and Kern Counties) and even present on language methods, at conferences at times (CA Indian Ed. Confer. at H.S.U. most recent presentation). I have worked with a number of linguists over the years as a student and speaker, most notable is Victor Golla at H.S.U.

Marlette Grant-Jackson, 2001

While attending Humboldt I was a student assistant for the ITEP Program.  After Graduation I was lucky enough to get a full time job at ITEPP as the Curriculum Resource Coordinator and now after ten years I am the Resource Coordinator and the Student Advisor for the Program.